Our Mission

We are a safe haven residence for recovering alcoholics and addicts. Our facility is for those who are actively clean and sober and in the pursuit of getting themselves initially clean in the process of detoxification and rehabilitation. Our goal is for our residents to not only grow in sobriety but also experience health spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.


Our Vision

Our home is a nurturing transitional tool to further the development of long-term sobriety for individuals who are seriously seeking to overcome their addictions by moving forward into a new and enlightening A.A or N.A social-interacting community. We create a toxic-free and clear environment of having to go back to live in places they came from where they were surrounding themselves with drugs and alcohol. 

Our On-Site Manager

Robert Williams

Telephone: (309) 550-0444

Email: robertwilliams571900@gmail.com

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